Pupil Images Information

Occasionally, we may take photographs, video recordings or webcam recordings of the pupils at our school for educational use. This could include displaying or using the Images on project boards, school newsletters, at school conferences, In school projects or taking pictures of pupils for historical purpose such as class photographs.

There are times when our school is visited by the media who will take photographs or video footage of a visiting dignitary or a high profile event. Pupils will often appear in these images, which may be published In local or national newspapers, or televised programmes. The images that the school takes of its pupils may also be used as promotional material for the school and could be published on leaflets, in our prospectus or on our website .

Conditions of Use
Please find below our condition for using your child’s image(s):

• The consent you provide for the use of your child’s Images for promotional purposes will be valid for the period of time your child  attends this school and will not be used once your child has left.

• We will only use the minimum amount of personal information about your child in any publication (such as names, school name and   possibly year group) and will never reveal personal email addresses, home telephone numbers or home addresses or identify individual children In a group photograph.

• We will not use your child’s Image for any purpose if it would prejudice the interests of your child.

• We will only use images of pupils who are suitably dressed, e.g. in a school uniform or track suit and will avoid taking pictures or video recordings of pupils in swimming costumes, except in appropriate circumstances, e.g . a swimming performance revue.

• We will not use your child’s Image for any reason other that than those stated, unless we have a legal obligation/legal power or have received further consent from you.

• We will keep your child’s images and personal information secure and will destroy individual images when your child leaves the school or give them to you .