Under a DFES scheme infant children will be provided with free fruit during the day, so they have an opportunity to eat a healthy snack. Children are encouraged to bring fruit for a mid-morning snack.


Pupils are encouraged to bring water to school (in a water bottle) for use during the day. We hope children will also bring a drink to have with their lunch. This should be in a plastic bottle or carton and not be fizzy.

Packed lunch

We encourage parents/carers to prepare lunches that contain a healthy balance of food to give children energy that sustains concentration through the afternoon. We ask that children do not have any nut products in their lunch boxes as we have pupils with nut allergies.

We encourage healthy eating at school and so do not allow chocolate bars, sweets or fizzy drinks.

Please make sure that lunch boxes are marked with your child’s name.

School menu

School meals are served on the premises. They are of a high standard and we try to encourage as many children to stay as possible. There is a choice from two menus – a vegetarian or non-vegetarian option.

The price per day is £2.40 (as at September 2017)

Universal Free School Meals is a new Government initiative has been introduced that will offer school dinners free of charge to all children in Key Stage 1 (Reception, Year 1 and Year 2). There is no requirement to sign up for this, however as a school we  ask parents / carers to indicate on a Friday which days in the following week their child will be taking free school meals (every day / none / some).

Money for school meals must be paid in advance, preferably on a Monday, in the school office. Cheques should be made payable to ‘Devon County Council’. Menus are available from the school office.


Spring Term Lunch Menu 2018