Spring Term 2017

Rosie, a nurse from Lyme Regis Medical Centre, came to visit us today to tell us all about her job as a nurse. Rosie told us that she helps people when they are hurt or feeling poorly and she gives people injections to prevent them from becoming poorly. We talked about the importance of washing our hands properly and Rosie told us we should wash them for as long as it takes us to sing Happy Birthday! Rosie showed us how to use our stethoscope to listen to people’s hearts and lungs. Thank you to Rosie for coming to visit us.

Autumn Term 2016

Holt visit to Seaton Wetlands

Otter Visit to Coombefield Veterinary Hospital

Otters had a fantastic afternoon with nurses Emelie and Donna at Coombefield Vets. We met Sally the parrot and Michelle the tortoise. Sally was very chatty and liked eating crisps! We then had a tour of the vets and saw the operating theatres, the sleeping area where the poorly pets recovered, the weighing scales for weighing the animals before their operations and we met Richard the Vet. We then drew our favourite pets and played a game of ‘musical paw prints’. We dressed up as a vet and bandaged up some poorly ‘animals’. We ended the day
with our story ‘Mog and the V.E.T’.

Holt Harvesting

The children in The Holt had a great time harvesting the apples from one of our apple trees.

Dogs Trust Visit to the Holt and Fox Class

The Holt and Fox Class had a visit from The Dog’s Trust. We learnt how to keep ourselves safe around dogs and how to care for dogs.

Cats protection Visit

Phil and Di from Exeter Axhayes Adoption Centre came to visit the children in The Holt. We learnt about the different things that make cats happy and sad and how to care for cats.

Reading Buddies

Otters are enjoying getting to know their Badger buddies and sharing stories with them.

Summer Term 2016

Trill Farm – First Day

Otters enjoyed their first visit to Trill Farm. Despite the wet and windy weather, we had fun exploring the waterfall, taking rubbings using tinfoil and finding a sheep jaw!

Welly Walk April 2016

A lovely welly walk in the sunshine! We explored natural materials to make patterns and pictures using different shapes and textures. We observed how our pictures looked different on the path and the grass.

Parachute and Skipping Festival

In April 2016, the children in Reception went to Axe Valley Community College for a Parachute and Skipping Festival. The play leaders at AVCC taught the children lots of different parachute games and they enjoyed learning how to do French Skipping.

Parachute Fun April 2016

The children had great fun playing parachute games in the sunshine.

Easter Egg Rolling

The children in The Holt enjoyed taking part in the annual egg rolling competition!

Teddy Bears Picnic

In March we welcomed local author Rikey Austin in to The Holt. Rikey read one of her stories to the children, before we made sandwiches and had a teddy bears picnic outside. We finished the day playing teddy bear games.

Chinese New year

The children in The Holt enjoyed learning all about Chinese New Year. We wrote our names in Chinese, made Ang Pow envelopes and set up a Chinese restaurant in our classroom. The children then tried some special fried rice, vegetable chow mein and of course prawn crackers!

Pancake Day

The children in The Holt enjoyed making and eating pancakes on Shrove Tuesday!

Maths Fun

This week in maths, the children have been learning about addition. We have been using our new coloured bricks to add two numbers together and writing the addition sum to match.

Wednesday 10th February 2016

‘Otters enjoyed a fantastic afternoon at Axe Valley Community College taking part in their pirate themed dance festival.’

Farming and Harvest

As part of our topic on farming and harvest, the children in The Holt went on a welly walk to pick apples from our tree and blackberries from the bushes. The children have decided that they would like to make apple and blackberry crumble!

Visit to Lyme Regis

On Tuesday 7th July, The Holt enjoyed a fantastic day out at in Lyme Regis. We spent the morning exploring Dinosaurland and learning all about the different fossils that have been discovered in Lyme Regis. After lunch, ice creams and a play on the beach, we spent the afternoon is The Marine Aquarium, where the braver ones amongst us hand fed the grey mullet and held a starfish!

Welly Walks

We have been on lots of lovely welly walks looking for signs of Spring

Pet Visits

In our learning about pets, we had lots of lovely visitors who came to play!
We welcomed The Dogs Trust, The Cats Protection, many dogs, a cat, 2 rabbits, a guinea pig, a chicken, a tortoise and a duck! Thank you to all of our visitors (and their helpers!).

Ferne Animal Sanctuary

On Tuesday 24th March, The Holt enjoyed a wonderful day at Ferne Animal Sanctuary. We met chickens, cows, pigs, chipmunks, ferrets, cats, geece, dogs and goats. We fed the rabbits and guinea pigs and groomed the shetland pony. We had a lovely day exploring the grounds and sensory garden.

Circus Skills

On Friday 27th February, the children enjoyed learning some circus skills…

The Turkish Oak Tree Visit

On Thursday 22nd January, the children in The Holt enjoyed a lovely welly walk to visit the large Turkish Oak tree behind Shute House. 12 children and 3 adults could not reach around the trunk of the tree holding hands, it was so big! We also enjoyed listening to the sounds of the woodpeckers in the trees and collecting large sticks to carry back to school!
We would like to say a big thank you to Cassian’s parents for giving us permission to visit this wonderful tree.

Lambs and Piglets Visit The Holt

On Monday 19th January, the children in The Holt were very lucky to have a special visit from some 3 day old lambs, and 4 month old piglets! Thank you very much to Hattie’s parents for bringing them in to meet us.

Winter Welly Walk

A lovely winter welly walk looking out for natural items in our world (and having a great splash in the puddles!) 8th January 2015

Axe Valley Wildlife Park Visit

On Tuesday 25th November, The Holt enjoyed a visit from Axe Valley Wildlife Park. Percy the Python, Tipsy the Ferret, Reggie the Rat, Merry the Polecat, Archie the Armadillo and a selection of stick insects came to spend the morning with us to help with our learning about nocturnal animals.