Spring Term 2017

Andy Murray Activities

Autumn Term 2016

Dogs Trust Visit to the Holt and Fox Class

The Holt and Fox Class had a visit from The Dog’s Trust. We learnt how to keep ourselves safe around dogs and how to care for dogs.

Summer Term 2016

Trill Farm 9th June 2016

Fox Class became pirates for a day and tested their junk model boats down the stream. They also built stick rafts and created treasure to hid. The children had lots of fun in the water and working in teams to create commands to find their treasure.
I have named some of the photos to help me stick photos in their learning journals if the names of the photos need to be changed let me know.

Spring Term 2016

Doctor and Nurse Visit

For Fox class’ topic Amazing Bodies a doctor and nurse came to visit. The children learnt how different bandages and plasters had different jobs and the roles of a doctor and a nurse. Their favourite thing of the visit was being able to wrap their partner in bandages.

Dentist Visit

For Fox class’ topic Amazing Bodies a dentist came to visit. The children learnt how to clean their teeth, which types of food are good for teeth and which types of food are bad for teeth. The dentist even counted how many baby teeth and big teeth they had.

Autumn Term 2015

Christmas Baking 2015

The children made gingerbread biscuits. They enjoyed getting very sticky making the dough! After they were cooked the children learnt how to use a piping bag to create a tinsel effect on their tree.

Toy topic Autumn term (2015)

Autumn Walk 2015

For science Fox class walked into Shute woods to look for signs of Autumn. They spotted lots of the signs as well as having lots of fun squelching through the mud!

Multi skills 2015

The children went to Colyton Grammar School for a fun filled, energetic afternoon of sport. They worked on their own and in a team.

Summer Term 2015

Medieval Day One for the Fox Class 6th July 2015…..

Medieval Foxes


Flour Grinding – The Medieval Way

Spring Term 2015

Chicken Visit


This term we have been very busy.

Tortoise Visit

Tilly brought in her tortoise to meet the youngest children in the school, but also found time to visit her own class too.

Red Nose Day

Look at our amazing costumes, what funny things do you do to raise money?

Aquarium Visit

The children explored the National Marine Aquarium with a guided tour discussing life-cycles, habitats and food chains. They enjoyed a science show where they learnt about slime sleeping bags, how a limpet finds its way home and other facinating facts.

Circus Sills – February 2015

Along with the whole school Fox Class enjoyed exploring different circus activities improving our skills through perseverance and working together using our learning powers of Curiosity, Keeping Going, Working Together, Making Connections and The Bigger Picture.

Art – January 2015

We have been exploring camouflage through different media including oil paint, pastels, crayon and chalks.

Autumn Term 2014

Great Fire of London

” The children made a replica of the area around Pudding Lane after discussing houses and homes of the era. They reconstructed it in the outdoor classroom and with the help of their teacher started the fire that led to the frightful events they had been studying. Their faces and their understanding of the devastation that followed made this history project all the more meaningful and real for them. The learning came alive.”