Special Educational Needs (S.E.N)

Our policy for children with S.E.N. whether school assessed or formally statemented, reflects the general aims for all the children within our school, that is to provide a happy caring atmosphere in which children can feel secure and confident and give of their best.

Full provision is made to include all children with S.E.N including wheelchair access to much of the school.

The S.E.N. co-ordinator gives regular reports to the Governing Body and there is a named governor for S.E.N.

Regular meetings are held between members of staff and other professional bodies to review and assess the progress made by the children whether formally statemented or school assessed.

This is only a summary of the S.E.N. and Disability (SENDIS) policy of the school. A copy of the full document can be found in the Policy Folder which is available from the office.