Behaviour Management Policy


We all work hard to make our school community a friendly, positive place to be. Good manners and respect for others are taken very seriously and we aim, whenever possible, to encourage good behaviour with a positive approach. Teachers’ praise, certificates, stickers and assemblies all help to reinforce this.

Needless to say, we also believe that children have a right to learn – and teachers have a right to teach – free from disruption and interruption from others. So while children have a responsibility to behave well in class, teachers have a responsibility to play their part in maintaining a school ethos which promotes good behaviour and learning. Bound up in this is the expectation that children always treat teachers and each other with respect.

As a result of the efforts we all make, good behaviour is the norm, with unacceptable behaviour observed infrequently.

All the staff follow a comprehensive behaviour policy and there are a number of intervention programmes in place which support behaviour across the school.

Here are our rights and responsibilities:

  • We have a right to learn and a responsibility to do our best.
  • We have a right to be heard and a responsibility to listen to others.
  • We have a right to be safe and a responsibility to take care of others.
  • We have a right to be respected and a responsibility to respect others.
  • We have a right to use school property and the responsibility to respect school property.

If effective teaching and learning is to take place then good behaviour is an essential element of the successful classroom.

Please click on the link to read how our behaviour policy builds on the positive philosophy of the school.


Behaviour and Discipline Policy